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[BangHitz] (Network Cheat) Make Money Up to 50k Monthly with MTN Affiliate Programs in Nigeria from Home.


MTN Nigeria is one of the biggest companies and Nigeria and arguably the biggest telecommunications company in the country too. Since it started operations in the country, the company has continued to roll out promotions of beneficiary programs for its loyal customers.

The MTN Affiliate Program is one of such reward programs by MTN.  First off, what is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a reward program where sellers or referrers get a percentage from products or services which are successfully purchased from their referrals. It is a performance-based money reward system for sales made through a referral marketing platform.

Basically, when you refer people to buy a business’ products and services, they pay you a fixed discount on what they recoup on each of the product sold. What you can make depends on how many customers you can refer to buy the products and the customers who actually buy the products.
If, for example, you sell Payporte’s products worth 200,000 naira where they had already stated a discount of 15% for affiliate referrals, you would get 15 % of the 200,000 naira which is 30,000 naira.

How to Make Money with MTN Affiliate Programs in Nigeria from Home

MTN Affiliate Program is a reward-based program introduced by MTN where you can earn 2% from each sale of MTN products that you make. Just in case you are wondering what exactly you would be selling? It is simple – recharge cards. You might be thinking whether it is actually possible to earn 2 % of all the sales made; yes, it is actually possible.

The 2% you would be getting are actually commissions.

What You Need to Make Money with MTN Affiliate Programs from Home

  1. A mobile phone
  2. An MTN SIM card
  3. Your time
  4. Dedication

Steps to Take to Get on the MTN Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria

  1. Register an account
Dial *2018# form your MTN line and a menu would display. All you have to do is follow the instructions which are displayed on the menu. If you do so successfully, you’d get a successful notification which means your account registration has been successful. Make sure the 4 digit pin you put as your password are things you can remember so remember to write it so somewhere safe.
  1. Fund your 2018 wallet

Next after successful registration, you would get an MTN message permitting you to now start selling airtime to MTN and Airtel users and get a 2 % commission in return.

Here’s how to fund your MTN 2018 wallet

  • You need a GTBank Account

If you don’t have a GTBank Account, use a friend’s or relative’s GTBank account but the same code that’s displayed above is what would be used to fund your MTN 2018 Wallet.

MTN has promised to add more banks to the list but until it does, you’d make do with the process above.

  • Dial *737*50*Amount*2018# from your MTN line you used to register.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Menu Options
There are many options to familiarize yourself with when you dial the *2018# code and the menu is displayed. There are menu options to familiarize yourself with such as wallet balance checking, airtime selling to MTN and Airtel users inclusive

Rates of MTN 2018 Wallet Affiliate Commission

The bonus and commission method works in 2 ways which are:

2 % Bonus rate: You get 2% commission on airtime when you sell others either on their MTN or Airtel lines

1.5 % Bonus rate: You get 1.5% commission on airtime when you sell to yourself on your own line. 
Millions of Nigerians buy airtime daily and the proof is what you can see around you and from official statistics. These airtimes bought are to make calls or subscribe for internet data plans or to send SMS.
The money to be made from this is unlimited as it solely depends on the number of people you can sell to. If you have lot of friends, family members or have good interpersonal skills, you could use it to your advantage.

There are times when persons have money but they can’t get airtime whether it is because their bank airtime transactions have gone wrong, it is raining, there is nowhere else to get airtime, they aren’t registered for mobile banking, it is too late or there’s unrest outside, those are even time when airtime selling through the MTN 2018 wallet affiliate programs come in handy.

For example if you sell airtime of 1,500 naira to a friend or colleague, your commission would be 2% of the 1,500 naira which is (2/100 X 1,500) that would be 0.02 x 1,500 which is #30.
If you sell that #1,500 airtime to 10 people, would be #30 x 10 which is #300.
If you sell #900 airtime to yourself that would be 1.5% of the #900 which would be #13.50k as bonus. 

Now imagine what is possible when you sell to many persons over time.
With the MTN Affiliate program, what you see is what you get and you can predict what you would earn way ahead of time.
All you need do is sell from the comfort of your phone. You help those in need and get financial reward from MTN for it too. Awesome, right? I agree!

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