[BangHitz] WOW! Princess Shyngle got the best Valentine gift from her lover (See pictures). - BangHitz || New Artist Website [BangHitz] WOW! Princess Shyngle got the best Valentine gift from her lover (See pictures).

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[BangHitz] WOW! Princess Shyngle got the best Valentine gift from her lover (See pictures).


Princess Shyngle who couldn’t hold back her excitement, took to Instagram to show off the Brabus G-Wagon car she got from her man as Valentine’s day gift. The Gambian born Ghanaian actress who shared a video of the car, described her man as the best in the world. Princess Shyngle who showed off the  G-Wagon car she got from her lover, wrote;

Princess Shyngle appears to be fully back on Instagram after recovering from a reported failed suicide attempt and the tiny waist actress who is well known for her curvy hour glass figure rather than her acting skills has just revealed her plans for men this year and most men who has been craving to have her maight actually get a chance with her this year.

Ghanaian actress of Gambian descent, Princess Shyngle is going hard on her followers on Instagram with sultry photos of herself shared. The dark-skinned curvy lady has been in Lagos State for sometime doing what nobody knows on the Island area of the state.

She has revealed she is opened to a romantic relationship with interested men this year in one of her picture captions which read: “I ain’t curving no niggas this year! May the best one win ……  I’m going on dates with all of y’all !! You don’t like it , cuff me” 
Princess Shyngle gained fame majorly due to her uncanny body structure rather than her acting skills.

Every woman of today desires hourglass shape and would go several miles to achieve it but it appears no one can go as far as  Gambia-born, Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle who is reputed to have the tiniest waist among all the actresses in Africa. Her tiny waste and curvy hips are as legendary as mystery surrounding how she came by it.  more so, some believe her waist is getting smaller by the day, to the extent an unknown artist had to paint a portrait of her waist to tell her it could disappear completely in the near future.

She was once reported to have fainted at a mall as a result of extreme waist training, which some said gave her kidney disease but she ha since debunk all rumours. In her recent post she stated that men are boring and lazy in bed this days. Princess said they are boring because they are always in a hurry to “knack” without kissing and romancing her body. on her instagram post she wrote; DAMNNNNNNNNNNN… MOOD… I MISS KISSING LIKE THIS OH…. THESE DAYS NIGGAZ ARE JUST IN A RUSH TO KNACK… SO BORING.

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