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[BangHitz] Jessica Nkosi’s The Bar Magazine cover is goals.


Jessica Nkosi’s The Bar Magazine cover is goals. The digital magazine released images and video footage of Jessica dressed in a number of gorgeous black outfits in preparation for her feature in the digital magazine. The digital publication sets the bar high once again with its latest celebrity cover feature with the actress – Jessica Nkosi.
The Publication wrote on their Instagram account: Actress @jessicankosi leads our April Issue with liberated energy that celebrates what it truly means to be, in the words of Nina Simone, young, gifted and black. The issue drops tomorrow (Meaning today)!
The public was so mesmerized by the visuals released, they couldn’t help but praise Jessica and the online publication for such a great feature. Even Jessica was in awe of the amazing work the Bar Magazine team had executed.
The actress wrote on her Instagram account as well:
Verified Aaaaaaand another one… 😌😌😌
#JessicaNkosi X @thebarmagazine 
The way I enjoyed doing his cover… The energy @thebarmagazine has is out of this world… The team is so passionate, so creative, so out of the box!!! Thank you for the privilege of being on the cover of this iconic magazine 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #TheBar #SettingTheBar
The publication continued: The eyes of @jessicankosi lead to the soul of a person transitioning from it-girl to the girl to watch in more roles than one. This is the liberation of a Queen.

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