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[BangHitz] Yvonne Jegede Blast Men Who Report Their Wives To Family Members.


Nigerian actress, film producer, model, and television personality Yvonne Jegede who has been enmeshed in a marital crisis that has been noticed by the public, has slammed men who report their wives to family members.
Yvonne Jegede who slammed men who report their wives to family members via her insta-story, added that such men need to wear diapers.
She wrote;
Any man who is still running to his family to report his wife at every little misunderstanding should start wearing pampers. Don’t kill the messenger
See her post below:

Recall that we reported few days ago that Yvonne Jegede, who addressed the alleged questioning of her son’s paternity, stated that her estranged husband Abounce, knows that Xavier is 100% his son.
In an interview with Pulse, Yvonne Jegede stated that Abounce can’t deny the fact that Xavier is 100% his son. She said;
“I don’t call him. I only reached out to him when I feel the need to because he knows Xavier is his son, he is 100% sure he’s his son,” Jegede said reacting to the rumour about the paternity of her son.
“He’s been to the house twice after we got back to the country, he’s come to see his son twice and he has pictures with his son on his phone which I took so why he’s not posting them, maybe his personal reasons, maybe he’s not like me who is showing my joy to the world, I don’t know but is that enough to give me a name? no, you don’t give me a name like that, common, that is not right, people tried to bully me or make dry joke over this, about my life, would you be happy if I were your sister but anyways, I am here, I am strong and will be strong for my son. I have morals to set for him and what the world is about.

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