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[BangHitz] "Wendy Williams Show" Furious After WWE’s Sasha Banks Cancels On Short Notice.


The Wendy Williams Show staff was left to scramble for a guest at the last minute after WWE's Sasha Banks canceled. The WWE star was set to make her debut on The Wendy Williams Show but after canceling a few hours before the show began taping, it looks like the talk show won't be inviting her back.

According to Page Six, the show's staff was infuriated with Banks' cancelation and a source close to the show assured that she won't ever be booked to appear on the show in the future.
“She won’t be booked again,” the insider said. “She didn’t give a real reason for canceling, and she did it only hours before the show tapes, so production was left scrambling to fill her spot. Wendy ended up doing an extra segment of Hot Topics instead.”
Banks announced the cancelation earlier today on Twitter, saying that she won't be able to appear "due to personal reasons."
"Due to personal reasons, I had to pull out of my appearance today on @WendyWilliams," she wrote. "Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it. Hopefully the opportunity will be there again later. #IfYouOnlyKnew."
Well, it looks like the opportunity won't be there for the foreseeable future but hopefully, Wendy and the staff will be able to get over it and invite Sasha back on the show. 

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