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[BangHitz] 100% Training on Soap Making for Beginners: With LIMA SOAPS CENTRE.



Empowerment Through Skills Training

Lima care products is the name of the overall enterprise where Halimah Soaps Centre is a subsidiary of The Enterprise, at first started as an aerosol, cosmetics and soaps producing business outfit with a well defined objective of changing the face of providing these (aerosol, cosmetics and soaps) products that will be of high quality, friendly and able to add value to skins and environment. Lima Care products are produced to meet the ever growing demand for low cost high quality products that are compatible with what the average Nigerian society can afford.

With the precarious unemployment situation in Nigeria, the desire and the need to extend our experience and expertise in the production of aerosol, cosmetics and soaps products to equipped people so they can become self-employed and create businesses and enterprises that eventually will generate jobs that will reduce the problem of unemployment and other anti-social vices stirring us on the face becomes very necessary, hence the conceptualization of Halimah Soaps Centre.

Halimah Soaps Centre is a vocational skills training centre whose main training focus was designed, packaged and delivered as self-employment training programme that will develop the capacity of the people to be able to, after completion take up a profitable and sustainable business ventures.
Halimah Soaps Centre was established to contribute its quota to the Nigerian economy by preparing the willing and interested populace to become producers of soaps and cosmetics products through our hands-on practical based training with the view to become self-reliance on the one hand and become employers of labour themselves on the other hand.

Our vision at Halimah Soaps Centre is to become a stop centre in the provision of practical based training on aerosol, cosmetics and soaps production and business development in Nigeria.
To be committed to empowering people and add value to their lives by extending soaps and cosmetics making methods to them.
To be able to impact on the people with the knowledge of soaps and cosmetics making to not less than 5000 people yearly.

·        Offering high quality and varieties of products and services;
·        Provision of prompt service delivery
·        Uniqueness of quality and packaging of our products and services
·        Loyal network of distributors and partners
Halimah Soaps Centre provides the following benefits to the Nigerian society:
1.     We help in empowering people with a life time skills
2.     We help in reducing poverty and generate self-employment to the people;
3.     By our trainings, we create multiple and diverse job opportunities and help the society not to depend on white collar jobs that are not readily available;
4.     We encourage innovation, creativity, self-reliance and self-independent.

At Halimah Soaps Centre our services and products are specifically designed for those who are willing and desirous to start producing their own aerosol, cosmetics and soaps products and with the mindset to grow their own products/businesses, build wealth, create multiple streams of income and achieve financial self-independence.
To achieving all these, we offer the following services:-
·        Sales and supplies of “lima care products”
·        Provision of intensive practical based skills training on how to produce aerosols, cosmetics and soaps products;
·        Offer online training and online ordering for both our training courses and products;
·        Offer post-training and internship opportunities;
·        Guiding through the legal and technical aspects of the business.
·        Assist in the provision of start-up capitals after training by linking up with relevant financial institutions;
·        Sales and supplies of industrial chemicals, packaging containers, caps, personal safety kits and other production materials.
·         Provision of skills training and entrepreneurship development services to schools, social firms, cooperative societies, youth and women enterprises, faith and community based organizations. Etc.

We provide hands-on practical based training skills sets. A compendium of our training courses are hereby provided for our interested clients:
·        Liquid soap
·        Bar/table soap
·        Detergent soap
·        Hand wash
·        Dish/pot wash
·        Hair conditioner
·        Hair relaxer
·        Styling gel
·        Car wash
·        Hair cream
·        Hair shampoo
·        Methylated spirit
·        Germicide
·        Insecticide
·        Disinfectant
·        Stain remover
·        After shave lotion
·        Body cream
·        Body lotion
·        Air freshner
·        Pomade
·        Balm
·        Face powder
·        Medicated powder
The following are our target market:
·        Unlearned and artisans
·        Undergraduates
·        Graduate/NYSC (Youth Corpers)
·        Small business owners
·        Working class and professionals
·        Physically challenged persons
·        Political class
These house hold consumables upon which we carry-out our coaching are products that are on high demand and consumed daily, hence they are products that generates instant cash and profit returns, and can be started with little capital as well as can be done without stress and at ones leisure.
At Halimah Soaps Centre, therefore, one will after the training know:
·        How to produce different types of liquid and solid soaps, detergents, hand wash, dish wash, car wash, body wash or body gel’ washing soap, tablet soap, laundry liquid soap, air fresher, spray starch, designer perfume, after shave lotion, hair cream, shampoo, relaxer, germicide, insecticide, disinfectants, etc.
·        How and where to sell products for high profit.
·        How to design product label that attracts, get trade mark, packages, tools, register company and many more.
·        How to package products for different markets
·        How to produce beautiful moisturizing products using all natural ingredients
·        How and where to get chemicals, materials and tools/equipments needed for production no matter the location.
·        How to get contracts to supply to corporate organizations
·        How to make large volume supply on contracts continually or set up a distribution chain.
·        How to manipulate ingredients and get high quality products and profit returns no matter the high cost of raw materials in the market.

Our Training:
·        Expose trainees/participants of our training to methods that will guarantee multiple profit returns from these production business;
·        Ensure hands-on live participation in the production of any of the household consumable products by our trainees/participants with us at our training centre so that they don’t have to forget the process.
·        Expose our trainees to practical branding, labeling, packaging, product where and how to purchase raw materials and items for use.
·        Provide complete step-by-step guide printed manual to our trainees participants to go home with as a back-up reminder.
·        Production will be carried out on all our products practically.
Are you one of those who:
·        Want to learn how to make professional quality cosmetics, aerosol and soaps products;
·        Want to learn and be trained by industry experts with over 10 years in the industry
·        Love to use natural ingredients and essential oils
·        Want to start their own soaps, aerosol and cosmetics products business
·        Want to enjoying the fun and passion of a new hobby.
Our practical skills training is a sure bet and stop centre to achieve your dream of becoming an entrepreneur in soaps and cosmetics making business.

There is no much as to who is eligible to attend our training courses, in so far as the interested person is self-motivated and intelligent and of a middle school student or leaver.
Our courses mostly covers short term periods which runs into days and weeks training. We do also customize training which can be undertaking for long term duration that runs into months, these are majorly with institutions.

Cost of hosting or attending our centres training programmes is negotiable except where workshop and seminars have a fees tag. In any case, there is always discount for organizations or individuals sponsoring more than five persons to attend any of our training; as well as for early notification of interest to participate and payment.
The Centre operates administratively from a rented but fenced flat building located along Aliyu Obaje Street, Idah, Kogi State.
We have facilities, equipments and resources capable enough to mount any of our training programmes within one week of notification and the programme delivered at any convenient location of choice of our clients.

The Centre is a sole proprietorship Organization with Halimah Aruwa, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre. She is in-charge of the day to day running of the centre and as well, the head of training.
The centre leverage majorly on interns and trained volunteers in carrying out its functions. We have access to a pool of highly experienced training facilitators.
Halimah Aruwa is a serial entrepreneur, business planning and development consultant, motivational speaker and skills facilitator. She has over ten (10) years experience in the Cosmetics and Soaps Production business.

The centre is very much aware of its goals and responsibilities to the society hence exploring every opportunities needed to take the people off the street by engaging them in productive skills and vocation. The mandate is enormous not doubt, we therefore seek out fruitful synergistic alliances with any notable and spirited individuals and groups, governments and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, corporate bodies, cooperatives societies, international bilateral and multilateral organizations who share in our vision and mission of equipping people both in the urban and rural areas using our practical based skills training centre and programme for their economic upliftment and development.   

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