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[BangHitz] Interview With Ajayi Biola Bose.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Tell us about you?
Ajayi Biola Bose: Ajayi Biola Bose is a native of Osun State, Igbajo to be prescise. I am the second from a family of 7. Currently residing in GERMANY with my family.
OfficialUniqueBlog: How did you started a film career?
Ajayi Biola Bose: While growing up I was use to making jokes. So one day a friend of mine invited me to come and watch their performance in culture centre Ibadan and that was where i picked interest in acting.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Aside filmmaking, what else do you do?
Ajayi Biola Bose: I am a hair stylist in Nigeria and GERMANY.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What is the name of your debut movie?
Ajayi Biola Bose: APODA happens to be my debut movie.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Which projects are you giving us this year?
Ajayi Biola Bose: I am currently working on KOFOOROFO and expect more outstanding movies from Ajayi Biola stables this year.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Tell us about your past project that you are most proud of.
Ajayi Biola Bose: I will say the movie is APODA because the role I took was really very challenging. I had to pick up the act of a disabled person and I didn’t think I could but after so much hardwork i made it happen. My role in Apoda was very impressive that after shooting the movie my director and crew started calling me the name APODA and this continued even after the movie was released.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Do you have any regrets about being in the film industry?
Ajayi Biola Bose: No Regrets.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Tell us about  your most challenging moment in filmmaking.
Ajayi Biola Bose: So many Challenges but we thank God for helping me overcome each time they surface.

OfficialUniqueBlog: What are the three things you can’t do without in a day?
Ajayi Biola Bose: Prayer, my job, and the gym.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Who are your top three favorite actors?
Ajayi Biola Bose: Femi Adebayo, Lateef Adedimeji and Muiwa Londoner.

OfficialUniqueBlog: Which standards have you set for actors like you?
Ajayi Biola Bose: I am a very free person and at the same time very hard working. I work hard to achieve my goals and still keep a good relationship with people.

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