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[BangHitz] Chief Felix Olame prays for peace in Kogi state and Nigeria as he celebrates his birthday.

Chief Felix olame celebrates his 53rd birthday today 12th June 2020 coinciding with Nigeria's democracy day. In his birthday speech, chief felix olame encourages every citizen of Nigeria to be proud of the country and also to believe in the progress of the country.
He stated that Rome was not built in a day and in a little while we will get to our destination. And that all we need is to come together in unity for the course of actualising the Nigerian dream.
He also wants to shed some light on the current ruling in lokoja high court concerning the ownership of some territories, lokoja, ajaokuta , kotonkarfe.
He advised everyone that the state belongs to every indigenous ethnic groups in the state. That the recent court rulings is to unite us and not divide us. He also prays for victory in the Nigeria as we are fighting to defeat the corona virus pandemic.
Chief Felix olame is the Onu IGALA Igando/ikotun. He is also the chief Coordinator of IGALA LAGOS PARTY a yearly event that takes place in Lagos, He is a philantropist, CEO Benita Heritage.
Chief Felix olame is also a performing music Artist. you can download his song titled Arise Nigeria here.


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