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[BangHitz] Molazzi ft Shayi Shay – Made in Africa Remix (MIA)

Molazzi Is a Nigerian artiste on the rising to international stardom with his well known versatility on his recent releases projects. With his new gained recognition from his hit single Made in africa, Nigerian international Afrobeats queen Seyi Shay decides to gift the song with a verse.

Molazzi who hails from Nigeria 🇳🇬 has also had his own share of international collaborations with Hip hop star on the Rise Ricci Milli.

Made in africa Remix has Nigerian superstar Afrobeats Queen Seyi Shay on it and she really did justice with her beauty voice and background charts.

I haven’t heard anything this close to pure afrobeats in a while, when I heard the original song on the radio I loved it instantly, little did I know I’d would get a call from Aristokrat to feature on it Seyi Shay said during one of Artistokrat Online Podcast EP 12.


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