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[BangHitz] I see music as a medium to send message - Mr.Greg

 Mr.Greg is a Veteran reagee act from the southern part of Nigeria.

In an interview with him Mr.Greg expressed his self on the reason why he ventured into music.

Full Name: Greg Osuma

Date OF Birth: June 1965

L.G.A: Idah local government  

State of Origin: kogi State

When asked his educational qualifications

I've self studied very widely and most are outside the traditional educational system have in our world. But normal primary college are all in Port Harcourt. Township school( primary) Baptist high school (College)

When asked what prompted him to venture into music his response was;

I've always been in music, it's in the family. Now I see it as a medium to send messages. So am prompted by the fact that music is a great medium

Mr.Greg also during the interview made it known that he loves the self- acclaimed  African Giant BurnaBoy 

His word of Knowledge is written Below:

The world is a pressure cooker of challenges, music has a great soothing effect that can strengthen us. I write and sing about everyday life, and how we as humans can find a way through the things we confront daily.

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