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[BangHitz] Aigbeh D'gong Talks About His Sound and Incoming Album

INTERVIEWER - Why the name Aigbeh D'gong?

AIGBEH D'GONG - Firstly the name Aigbeh is my surname and it is a motivation for me, the name reminds me of the fact that i don't have any other choice than to succeed, it's like my driving force, to majorly prove a point to myself that i can't be stopped by any circumstance while D'GONG is the idea behind my music "Message Driven".

INTERVIEWER - How would you describe your music?

AIGBEH D'GONG - Message driven, vibe and entertaining.

INTERVIEWER - What sets your music apart? what is unique, or at least uncommon

AIGBEH D'GONG - I make music music in such a way people could see solution through my sound, find peace, and fun listening to it.

INTERVIEWER - Has your musical journey had a deliberate direction, or did it simply gradually evolve in whatever direction it found?

AIGBEH D'GONG - Yeah, it has been deliberate. i started out with gospel music, singing in a gospel group before i went solo and started doing secular deliberately.

INTERVIEWER - Why the switch from gospel to secular?

AIGBEH D'GONG - I'd say assignment driven, and I just knew singing in church wasn't for me, saying this, to some people might sound weird but honestly i was led to start singing secular, inspired by God.

INTERVIEWER - So you believe in God?

AIGBEH D'GONG -Yeah, i believe in Jesus,i believe Jesus is God but i'm unreligious.

INTERVIEWER - Who are your main musical influences?

AIGBEH D'GONG - Honestly, i'm inspired by almost everyone in the music industry, i learn from every artist in Nigeria "E no easy to blow, anybody wey blow sabi wetin him dey do", i believe there's something they all have that i need to learn from.

INTERVIEWER - Are we expecting any new song, EP or album soon?

AIGBEH D'GONG - Yeah an E.P, it's called "D'GONG IS GOLD"

INTERVIEWER - Why this E.P? Why now?

AIGBEH D'GONG - First the E.P is  to my fans to inspire, entertain and influence them positively, secondly to unveil the next biggest act to the world.

INTERVIEWER  - Of your own music, do you have a favourite?

AIGBEH D'GONG - You see ehn, different days, i have different favorite song on the E.P, depending on the mood, definetly, you'd love every song on the E.P.

INTERVIEWER - Have you written songs for any other artists?

AIGBEH D'GONG - Yeah, i have both secular and gospel, till date i still do that.

INTERVIEWER - If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advice would you give?

AIGBEH D'GONG - i'd say to put God first in all you do, be consistent not letting any situation at all make you change your mind about where you're going and where God plans that you go because laslas na you God talk to.

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