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[BangHitz] Music: Sometimes - Jazhi

Jazahi is one of kind masterful, superior Artist of verious genres of music from Hip hop to R&B, Neo, soul ,Blues. and so mush more , within the music that's where you can find jazahi,she is a beautiful entrepreneur and  outstanding Beautiful goddess.she was Born in flowood,MS but found home in little Rock, Arkansas, jazahi has been performing and being the star of entertainment of every event she has been featured in since the age of two years old , jazahi has also auditioned and entertained in talent platforms,such as "American idol" and  "The x factor",even more .

 Jazahi has recently announced her major come back to the industry by working harder than ever winning first place at 16 Bars studio music review with Lex Luga and becoming apart of the Hood idel tour and now putting out ultimate single, albums and interview with her term Holy Boy Ent, LLC/ABNP publishing,(Always Business never personal, charlie Bizzle chill with LEX LUGA,Shane Thompson of S.A.T studio and lit lovely list tv, for thermore ,if you want tire Glory then surely it's jazahi you can find her an the term @CHALIEBIZZlE  on YouTube_iamjazhi [email protected] Facebook__iamjazhi.

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