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[BangHitz] Gasoline by Mac & A.K. released on E & K Music Group

Gasoline - Mac & A.K.


Gasoline by Mac & A.K. released on E & K Music Group located in the United States from East Palo Alto California is about spitting the hottest bars and bringing the hottest beats to the forefront.

The aforementioned factual melody condenses what genuine hip hop is about and his commanding influence while remaining unfazed as he flawlessly glides to its moderate-tempo and intoxicating 90s vibe is squealing of the next big thing in Hip hop sphere. If this is the lead single of the incoming record, one can only anticipate with wild wonder and excitable creativity for the whole intellectual piece. I mean at this point it is safe to say we are all pro-Mac and AK. and only the strong will survive the musical ingenuity that is about to hit them!

Produced by: Mac Pacino

Stream the track now 👇


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