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[BangHitz] J.Exclusive Designs - An expert for all fashion fabrics

J.Exclusive Designs                   

J.exclusive_Designs is a fashion empire built to make you stand out at all your events, with top-notch unique designs. It is a clothing line that meets every fashion needs of men, women, and children. Sales of quality fabrics ( Wholesale and Retail ) such as; Ankara, Lace, bridal Train, Suit materials, etc. We offer extensive training classes both Online and Offline. A trial will convince you. We are passionate about Classy, Upscale, Versatile, and expensive clothing. J.Exclusive_Designs is a unique fashion brand that is committed to the taste of its customers when it comes to looking good, we use Ankara, Tie & Dye, Aso - Oke mixed with Western Fabrics to create Exclusive Designs.

  J.Exclusive Designs fashion J.Exclusive Designs fashion Fashion 

 We incorporate Africa Print ( Ankara ) into our designs to bring out the beauty and creativity of the rich culture embedded in Africa to portray our heritage. J.Exclusive_Designs, we research, develop, design, and produce garments for men and women to meet the intended purpose and expectations. 
Our products for range from Casual, Uniform to dress-up for outings.

   J.Exclusive Designs fashion 
 J.Exclusive_Designs uses the combination of the finest and most durable fabrics, the most elegant designs, and fine finishing with emphasis on comfort and affordability and boats of its low timeline on delivery no matter the quantity. We are very prompt in production and delivery. What makes us stand out among others despite the composition that is going on today is our Integrity, Creativity, and Commitment to quality.

  J.Exclusive Designs fashion 

Director: Jamiu Omeiza - is highly knowledgeable in the garment-making business. He has over 4years of experience in the industry. Moreover, he is a graduate of Fashion Designing from the Yaba College of Technology, with my 4years of experience in tailoring and garment making in the industry, and numerous exposure to both the scientific and practical aspects of garment making, I've been able to master the technical requirements, financial management necessary to the industry good commendation from our clients. I am the CEO of the company overseeing the day-to-day activities of the business.

  J.Exclusive Designs fashion J.Exclusive Designs fashion 

We recommend booking a complimentary consultation to come and talk about your garment with us. Our commitment is to provide quality garments services through effective and efficient processes, people and skills to the benefits of all  Stakeholders. The benefits of our products and services are:
1 Provision of high quality and long-lasting products.
2 Finish products that give perfect ambience to your occasions. 
3 Fair and lowest possible prices. 
4. Availability of several varieties meeting the need of a wide range of class of people.
clothing fashion 

Objective of J.Exclusive_Designs: To provide quality sales services and products at fair and best possible prices. To offer high-quality and long-lasting garments at reasonable prices. To achieve net profit in year one increase in year two by containing costs and meeting and meeting sales goals. 

Goal of J.Exclusive_Designs: to become the brand for benchmarking excellence in the global garment industry.

Vision of  J.ExclusiveDesigns: To become the leading brand name for producing distinct Styles for both individuals and corporate organizations through its excellent product offering and efficient delivery Network.

  J.Exclusive Designs fashion J.Exclusive Designs fashion 

Mission: J.Exclusive Designs: mission is to meet clients' expectations always by producing quality garments and accessories at a competitive price, through an expectations effective team and superior raw materials processed with the latest technology advancement.

Materials and Machines for tailoring and garment making @J.Exclusive_Designs: Industrial Machines, Pattern makers for crafting designs, Women's and Men dress forms used for garment building and display, Scissors, Hole punchers, Straight and Curved rulers, pencilsStickpins, Measuring tapes, Notchers for making seams, Pins, Sloppers, Dotted pattern paper, Sewing machine needles, Hand sewing needles, Threads, Sketching books, Draping tools, Dressmaking Stickpins, Calico, Muslin, Style tapes, Pattern plotter, Fabrics Shears, Soft making software, Computer, CAD tools for designs, Mannequins Labels and tags, Industrial pressing irons and packaging materials.

  J.Exclusive Designs fashion 

People sew and buy from us because of the following reasons: Unique designs and distinctively Styled products. All year round availability of our customers' choicest garments. Efficient and highly reliable delivery Network. Fair and best possible prices and discount offers. We also offer extensive training classes : where you will learn how to cut and sew Professionally at an affordable price and start your sewing business right away. Registration is ongoing for our flexible 6months Basic and Advanced, fashion training. It includes Practical sewing, Garments Construction, Pattern Drafting and Fashion Illustration... Hurry up now so you don't miss this Golden Opportunity

J.Exclusive Designs fashion

Social Media Handles;

Facebook Page @ J.Exclusive_Designs

  TikTok is J.Exclusive_Designs 

  Email address: [email protected] 

  Phone Number: 08136663978, 08123547297 and 09161839859.

  J.Exclusive Designs fashion
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