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[BangHitz] Invasion 2023 with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The Yaounde Apostolic Invasion 2023 with Apostle Johnson Suleman was a great success. The event took place at the International Stadium in Cameroon's capital, Yaounde. Thousands of worshippers, including Cameroonian and top government officials, were present, all eager to surrender completely to Jesus Christ.

The event was historic, as Apostle Johnson Suleman delivered captivating miracles, words of prophecy, and deliverance. The Holy Spirit was also felt throughout the stadium, with worshippers feeling its real effects and power.

The Nigerian Prophet's reputation preceded him as he drove thousands to come and witness the life-changing miracle. Apostle Johnson Suleman has been on a tour in various countries, bringing deliverance to those who believe.

The event was not just an ordinary gathering, as there were several testimonials from individuals who got healed and had their lives transformed through miracles, praying, and words of prophecy. The prophet's powerful sermons were a great source of inspiration, with many people giving their lives to Jesus.

The Yaounde Apostolic Invasion 2023 was a significant event, and many people went home with a renewed spirit, refreshed, and with a deeper faith in God. Apostle Johnson Suleman added another feather to his cap with this tremendous outreach, which impacted the lives of many people. 

It is believed that the event would be a beginning of more significant things to come and could trigger a spiritual revival in Cameroon. Indeed, the great restoration is here, and the voice of God is ringing louder and clearer than ever before.

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