[BangHitz] [AUDIO + VIDEO] BGwellington Ft. Eedriss x Vector & SoundSultan - Massive Poverty - BangHitz || New Artist Website [BangHitz] [AUDIO + VIDEO] BGwellington Ft. Eedriss x Vector & SoundSultan - Massive Poverty

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[BangHitz] [AUDIO + VIDEO] BGwellington Ft. Eedriss x Vector & SoundSultan - Massive Poverty


 NSNTTJ x OYENI Management presents the official audio and video to the highly anticipated single "Massive Poverty" by BGwellington featuring Eedriss, Vector & SoundSultan!! A great deal of Nigerians are mired in extreme poverty with unclear futures against a depressing backdrop of economic instability and security issues. In this new piece by BGweliington featuring industry heavyweights EedrisVector and the late Motherland crooner, SoundSultan, the spit and hash realities of Nigerians are vehemently addressed. “Massive Poverty” begins with a somber yet captivating melody, setting the stage for Abdulkareem to step forward with his commanding baritone, delivering impassioned verses that cut deep into the fabric of society. He queries the status quo, challenging the conditions faced by the young and old alike, confronting the hypocrites and the two-faced individuals within society. While BGwellington finds his solace in the hook, the song transcends into a more interesting sound when Vector hops in for his verse. He raises strict questions about the choices made and reflects on the repercussions faced by the populace. The track serves as both a critique of the current state of affairs and a filtered exposé on the harm inflicted by the present administration. Accompanied by the song is the official music video which sheds light and gives credence to their wordings. Watch and enjoy!  
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