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[BangHitz] The Trial Murder Tour Manager of Nicki Minaj starts four years after his death.


Nicki Minaj ‘s old tour manager, De’Von Pickett, was killed nearly four years ago. He passed away in East Germantown ( Philippia ) at the age of 29, after being stabbed fatally outside a bar. In 2015 , in Picket ‘s case Pierce Boykin was initially charged with murder.
New evidence indicates Khaliyfa Neely .According to Philly’s Inquirer,” in August 2016, prosecutors dropped murder and other charges against Boykin.” The defendant continued to plead guilty to a” aggravated attack charge remaining and was sentenced to serving up to 23 months in state prison.” Neely is charged with murder , conspiracy and additional charges.
His trial is scheduled to end next week.At the time of the incident, Pickett and members of Minaj ‘s band came to Philly from New York City to rehearse for their European tour. Eric Reese, who was injured in battle, and Marcus Kincy were present as well.
Marcus Kincy gave a testimony in the current trial against Neely that was different from his original statement in 2015. He claimed that Pickett was stabbed by someone who corresponded to the description of Boykin. On Thursday, Kincy recalled this story.”
I did n’t see the man stab ‘ Day Day ‘ with the glasses . I never saw anyone thrusting a knife , ” he told the jury.” I just tried to make sense that my friend was gone at that time … But I think I honestly replied to everything according to what I thought to be true.
“Kincy ‘s recent testimony portrayed Boykin ‘s likeness, which led him to assume that the baton was done by the same person. The fistfight with Pickett was fought.

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